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== Redbrick Slut ==
Before we being this person is a friend and it an on going joke, she is not really a slut.
Know begin disagrees highly with the term "Redbrick Slut" but made the mistake of "going with it" so that people would stop using it. She will now be forever know as "Slut"
== Habitats and Calls==
*"Nooooooo" (long and high pitched normal follow by the following look)
[[File:redbrickslut1.jpg|The No Face]]
*"I am not a slut" (even higher pitched)
*"Where's my phone?" (this one is lower than the other calls in pitch)
*Can normal be found in computer labs in the L building, this would be normal if she was of the computer species but she is not. (It has taken a large team of Redbrick member years to teach her how to turn on the computer and that these mice are not the same type whom eat cheese)
*Normally looks to be writing some form of essay or "studying" but in is really on Facebook and/or youtube in the background (maybe teaching her how to turn on the computers was a bad idea...)
*This shy being hides from cameras unless posing for pictures can be seen in picture
[[File:redbrickslut2.jpg|The No Face]]

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