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The art of watching and talking to another user without revealing your own identity. A sport enjoyed by older Redbrick members who used to scare Freshers with it.

Typically a stalker would realise that one of the people he was talking to or heying was in the same room as the stalker was and would make a comments like 'That's a cool shirt you're wearing' or 'You're a blonde right?' The aim was to unnerve the target who would be then aware that he or she was being watched but would have no way of knowing which one of the people in the room was the stalker.

Most popular among male members who used it to stalk women, and techies who used it to show off. The targets were typically Freshers who wouldn't know how to check to see who was on from what computer and therefore spot the stalker.

Stalking is no longer as popular as it used to be and most members grow out of it and then try to forget that they used to do it too : )


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