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A Star Bar is an archaic confectionary product of dubious quality.

It is frequently offered by lil_cain in exchange for large and possibly dangerous favours.



  • < lil_cain> I will give a star bar to anyone who catches Bruton with an egg between the eyes. Two, if it's a rotten egg.
  • < lil_cain> I'd bet you a star bar it was less than the PIRA
  • < lil_cain> can I pay my renewal next year in star bars?
  • < lil_cain> what's the star bar to euro conversion rate these days?
  • <@lil_cain> I don't think I've ever seen a starbar
  • <@lil_cain> most students these days wouldn't know what a starbar was
  • < lil_cain> I never liked star bars
  • <@lil_cain> star bars are redbrick's official currency