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Redbrick want your ideas for Tech Week, an event we hold each year in the second semester. If you're unsure of what Tech Week is, it's a week dedicated to Technology in DCU. We have talks, workshops, and seminars.

This year will be the third year of Tech Week and we'd like it to be better than ever, and we need your help! We run it for you and everyone interested in Techonology... so we're asking for your suggestions. Are there any speakers, or specific talks you might like to hear or attend in DCU? Let us know!

How this works

You make a suggestion to us. We consider it. If there is a lot of interest we do our best to get someone to give a talk/workshop/tutorial on the subject. We promote it around campus, and you can attend it!!

How to make a suggestion!

Either you can add one on this page, or you can mail us! ents@redbrick!

Suggestions so far!

Home Recording(Pro Tools, music, songwriters...) from Colin Boylan on Wed, December 13, 2006

Redbrick should like... fly to the moon... or something. yeah.