The Drivel Board

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Short lived newsgroup set up by the Committee because the level of shite on Babble had reached dangerous proportions. It al started when a slagging match between Cosmic, Celtic, Munchkin, Spike, and a certain future Chairperson was taken to the boards. The five were posting at a rate of four or five a minute at one stage in hilarious attempts to piss each other off and generally hassle one another.

Other users complained and a separate newsgroup was set up by DrJolt. A newsgroup for the most pathetic, useless, trivial nonsense that Redbrick had ever been soiled with called Drivel. Not surprisingly Drivel rapidly took off and for a brief time eclipsed Babble as the most popular board. About a day later the slagging fest between the five responsible for the creation of Drivel died out with all acknowledging the future Chairperson's awe-inspiring wit and quickfire posting ability. The Admins, now that the madness had past, sensibly took down the Drivel boards. Everyone complained but the Committee sensibly ignored such complaints and life went on.

The Drivel Board is probably the only example of a handful of users annoying people to such an extent that a separate board had to be set up for them. To some of those involved it is a source of pride, to others, so shameful that they would prefer the whole episode forgotten. *cough*


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