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It all started when the /rB/tards decided it was time to defeat the cancer that was killing redbrick, and prevent aids from taking over #lobby.
[[image: Lobby raid.JPG]]
== The Raid ==
It was decided that the /rB/ruthas would gather in #/rB/ on the irc server, to finalize the raid. After some discussion and testing, which ended in FAIL, the raid began. Robby, one of the leading /rB/tards, lead the attack with some Fresh Prince of Bel Air, they still songs songs of this epic win to this day...
''Now this is the story all about how''<br></br>
''#lobby got flipped, turned upside down''<br></br>
''And Id like to take a minute just sit right there''<br></br>
''I'll tell ya how we got b& by failchair''<br></br>
''In west Glasnevin born and raised''<br></br>
''On the irc server where I spent most of ma days''<br></br>
''Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool''<br></br>
''And all shooting some cs outside of the school''<br></br>
''When a couple of n00bs, they were up to no good''<br></br>
''Started talkin shit in the #lobby-hood''<br></br>
''We got in one little fight and the admins got scared''<br></br>
''And thats how we were b& by the modfags of failchair.''<br></br>
Robby led the charge with Winters following closely behind, joe5ie added to the poor lobbyfags confusion by simply copy pasting what Robby had said, epic spam ensued as lobby was flooded by spam. All those who stood up to be counted to fight cancer & aids were promptly b& by the modfaggotry, we shall remember those fallen.
A screenshot of the epic justice was taken as a memorial to all those who were b&
[[Image:Lobby raid2.JPG]]
The battle went on for over 9000 minutes in #lobby, but soon the cancer started to fight back and promptly b& the /rB/ruthas. Shortly afterwards, an impromptu invasion of #intersocs began, this blitzkrieg of a raid ended as soon as it began, many were b&, all except for Robby who still idles there to this day...
== The Aftermath ==
Many /b/ruthas were b&, the modfags spread cancer and aids.
CmteFags request takedown of imgchan however it is moved to [http://rb.gbish.com /rB/] .
Rise again /b/rothers
NEVAR FORGET 18/12/07.
(disclaimer, lulz was had by all, no hard feeling <3 receive & redbrick tbh)

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