The Julie Incident

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Ok, after the admin crisis of 98-99 (many many resignations from a thankless job...), disuserments were handed out pretty shiftly by Valen, the only remaining sysadmin. Being a very busy man, and it being a time of freshers discovering mass heying, on complaint and confirmation of a mass-hey, the culpirit would be dafted. Immediately.

Huey, an obviously bored young chap, already disusered, reckoned there'd be much mirth gotten out of running up to peoples terminals, and doing mass heys. Julie was victim to his escapades. A mass hey was sent from Julie. She was disusered pretty fucking quickly.

Then, a HUGE Free-Julie campaign was mounted on the newsgroups, mainly by moridin.

Within 2 hours, the real truth was discovered, Huey was disusered for longer, and sent to the Compapp sysadmins for using other peoples' accounts without their permissions.

Huey threatened to run for chairperson at the next AGM. He backed down a few days before the AGM.


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