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4th - User pumpkin's account is compromised around now. Read ~singer/incident. Backup of the above file is here)

19th - Grant Allocation for Redbrick:

   Alt.Rag Ball -              500
   Bands (for above)           500
   Intersoc (? what the fuck?) 60
   ? (weekend away I presume)  1104
   ? (travel for above I pres.)1020
   Porterbus (What the hell?)  500
   DJ (for the eh.. portbus?)  150
   Network cards -             130
   Switch -                    2473.24
   2 Tapes -                   34
   Server Cabinet -            1329
   MotherBoard -               85
   Graphics card -             22

25th - Adam (cthulhu) and Bobb (bobb) add a new CPU to redbrick this evening.


7th - Redbrick crash.

11th - Valen sets up the first LDAP server on Redbrick. 11th - Admin & Heldesk exams.

14th - EGM. Cokane is elected to helpdesk after Bubble resigns. Phil and Pixies are elected as admins.

14th - Valentine's Event in Drumm's Emporium. DJs HomerJ and Singer were in full effect and pizza was on hand/in belly.

16th - Redbrick hosts an "Open Computer Laboratory" (part of open learning week) in LG27 10am-5pm. Sponsored by Local Ireland.

  10 am    Boomer    Dmcaul     Spock
  11 am    Boomer    Mike_d     Spock       Prince_v    Phil
  12 am    Justin    Mike_d     Spock       prince_v    Phil
  1  pm    Elmer     Bubble     Moridin     Redgiant
  2  pm    Justin    Bubble     Moridin     Redgiant
  3  pm    Eoin      Declan     Elmer       Cokane
  4  pm    Eoin      Bubble     Elmer       Cokane

16th - redbrick.things.we.love deleted by singer after posts to a thread called "Days" by sexy@rb and air@rb.

17th - Windows 2000 launched.

21st - Rag Week. Redbrick, the SU, and some other people (mostly redbrick though ;o)) turned out on a _very_ cold Monday morning to collect for the Irish Cancer Society on the Ballymun and Swords Roads (at the junctions with Collins Avenue). Then they did the same again in the day at rush hour. Redbrick also had a bouncy castle in DCU. In association with Trad Soc we had an event in Whelans. Trad soc, Jilted, Relish, Tea & Sympathy (American band) all played great sets.

21st - Paddy and lep disusered for a few days for abuse to members.

23rd - Problem on Redbrick re diskspace. Pixies@rb (admin) mails committee to cut down some of their personal space.

29th - Kpodesta@rb sends a mail to some members, inviting them to be Gophers.


2nd - Slack joins webgroup.

4th - The PS2 launched in Japan.

6th - Suggestion of a Redbrick Programming Competition (on the committee list).

14th - Bong@rb disusered for 14 days for encouraging people to run trojaned commands from his homedir.

14th - Redbrick's entries for Clubs & Socs awards: Spock as Best Individual, Phil as Best Fresher.

  Jon Lundberg (spock):
  Now in his third term on the Redbrick committee, Jonathan has been a model of
  dedication and an inspiration to everyone involved.    His leadership has seen
  Redbrick take a lead in DCU Society life, and membership figures of almost
  1,300 speak for themselves.  He has been actively involved in every aspect of
  the soc, and was instrumental in orchestrating sponsorship deals, University
  alliances, relations with other societies, and Redbrick involvement with the
  Open Learning Festival, as well as working hard during Rag Week to raise over
  ?3000 pounds for the Irish Cancer Society through road collections, bouncy
  castles, and nights on the town.  Jonathan's presence on the committee will be
  difficult to followup, but the society he leaves behind is in a strong
  position, and will continue to serve.  We wish Jonathan the best of luck in
  his campaign to become the next president of the Students Union.
  Philip Reynolds (phil):
  What can you say about a guy who having just finished his Leaving Cert,
  e-mails the committee of Redbrick to tell them that he's coming to DCU, and
  wants to help out?  That is no joke.
  Phil arrived in DCU having heard about Redbrick over the Internet, and had a
  ruthless determination to get involved.  Freshers day saw him not out on the
  Sports Complex floor, but behind the Redbrick recruiting desk, signing up his
  fellow first years.  From there Phil became involved with the Redbrick
  Webgroup, the developers of the Redbrick website (www.redbrick.dcu.ie), and
  earned our admiration and respect.  When INTRA meant the departure of some
  Admins, Phil was glad to share his knowledge and commitment by running for the
  position at an EGM, and getting elected, proving his popularity among society
  members.  Phil is a model member, an example to us all, and hopefully in for
  the long haul on the Redbrick Committee.

15th - Spock announces intention to run for SU President. Eventually he pulls out of the race, & helps with Hugo Brady's election campaign (who got elected).

IRC was re-installed on redbrick about now. It only really took off when the next batch of freshers came to DCU.


5th - Redbrick Web Design competition announced.

6th - AGM. Kpodesta is elected as chair. Moridin is elected as secretary. Spock is elected as treasurer. P is elected as PRO. Bootie is elected as ents officer. Cokane, Redgiant, and Mark are elected as helpdesk. There is no admin election. Bubble is elected as webmaster.

A trip to the Japanese restaurant/noodle bar Wagamamas follows then ppl scatter to different pubs/clubs. Most head to Whelans.

8th - First redbrick wedding. Wibble (Dermot Hanley) and Sarah (Sarah Fadian) get married. Sandman (Mike McHugh) is the best man.

25th - HEAnet talk.

26th - Closing date for Web design competition

NNTP and CVS ports are opened for redbrick to "rest of world"(TM)

Sites currently hosted by redbrick include funliam.com, perv.org, redbrick.org and redbrick.net

Members think that renaming to .mp4 is a nice way to hide their mp3 collection ;)


30th - Phil leaves webgroup to concentrate on admin stuff.


Sometime during summer The Slipper on Ballymun Road is closed for refurbishment and re-opens as Matt Weldon's.

The college shop moves to a room in the Henry Gratten while work goes on building the Hub. The college shop later re-opens in the Hub as Spar but with same staff as before (plus a few new slower additions).


15th - colmmacc joins webgroup.

24th - Redbrick crash. Unknown cause, likely overheating.


CSD kindly donate a rack and fibre switch to redbrick.

NNTP-Cache news server is being installed to put newsgroups under identd.

29th - Redbrick build of Putty (by colmmacc@rb) is made.


The sixth generation of brickies land in DCU.

Newly created/rejuvinated societies include the Green Society, Music Soc, Art Soc, Dance Soc, and the Pool Club.

DCU adds Student Webmail and personalised portals to their website.

The School of Computer Applications releases Fischlar. A system which allows you to record television programmes and watch them streamed later on. They give free computers to some ppl living in res to allow them to use Fischlar.

26th - The Hub in DCU is officially opened. Tom from the Big Brother programme is there. 'The 4 of Us' played. Maybe others *shrug*


18th - Freshers' Ball in the Temple Bar Music Centre. DJ HomerJ djs in the bar while David Kitt and Jilted perform on stage. Bands are followed by resident DJ guy.

19th - Singer leaves webgroup to concentrate on making mucho dinero.

31st - Halloween event in the new bar in the Hub. In association with Film Soc, Art Soc, and ST:DCU. Film Soc showed "A Nightmare on Elm Street" then the spookily decorated new bar had DJ Singer and crew providing the musical mix while Art Soc painted faces. The chair of redbrick, kpodesta, got a "red brick" (geddit!?) painted on his face. Try and find a photo of it!

Disuserments: Banana: for aliasing pico to tibors script on Dans account. Spinal cancelled a posting by Moridin by faking his .slrnrc file - he was warned that doing it again would result in disuserment.

redbrick.nokia-effin-game newsgroup is setup. The Nokia game was a game which Nokia mobile phone users could take part in, where they received text and voice messages giving them clues to proceed in the game.Redgiant and Patrickm were the two main players on redbrick.


Multi-story carpark in DCU opens sometime around now.

9th - Games Night The first of many. This was held in the Nethouse in Rathmines overnight. Gamers played Quake, Counterstrike, and Command & Conquer, all on a diet of coke and chocolate chip cookies.

14th - Helpdesk tutorial on basics of using redbrick.

21st - EGM. Tibor is elected as ents officer after Bootie resigns. Macbain and Noelfitz are elected admins after Bobb and Pixies resign.

Several constitutional ammendments (typo corrections, a new position of equipment officer, and a requirement for committee members to attend a certain number of meetings on a regular basis, among other things..) were proposed but it was pointed out that the meeting no longer had quorum so it was disbanded.

Secondary school teachers' strike begins.


6th - Christmas event in collaboration with Film Soc in Frazers of O' Connell St. Food is served and DJs Singer and HomerJ provide the musical backing.

"Hybrid" event in the Hub by Media Production Society and Dance Society.

The Postgraduate residences in DCU are opened. They have a full-size snooker table!!