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Charity event in association with Snowboarding/LGBT and Music Soc. Santa included. Pictures: [images/04/dec/xmasball/igy (Igy's)]
Charity event in association with Snowboarding/LGBT and Music Soc. Santa included. Pictures: [images/04/dec/xmasball/igy (Igy's)]

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31st - Services are gradually moved off prodigy and onto deathray


9th - Redbrick Alt.Rag Ball was held in Isaac Butt's.

Performances from Wolfhead and MC Dice. As always [images/04/feb/altRagBall] somebody] had to bring a [images/04/feb/altRagBall camera.]

25th - Redbrick Talk

Where: QG15 Talks: "GNU/Linux & the new battles of the Free Software Movement" by Ciaran O'Riordan. 2-3pm

"RedBrick and IPv6" by Colm MacCarthaigh (User:Colmmacc). 3-4pm

[docs/04/feb/rb-talk/emperor "Digital Video Backup"] by David johnston (User:Emperor @ rb). 4-5pm

27th - SSH login banner is introduced.

 ____   ____ _   _ _   _ ____
|  _ \ / ___| | | | \ | / ___|  Dublin City
| | | | |   | | | |  \| \___ \  University
| |_| | |___| |_| | |\  |___) | Networking
|____/ \____|\___/|_| \_|____/  Society

Debian GNU 3.0 Carbon - RedBrick Login machine.


24th - Date for Redbrick A.G.M is announced. It will take place on the 20th of April.


13th - Helpdesk exam @7:30pm

  • art_wolf 65%
  • atlas 60%
  • firefly 25%
  • thedara 46%

Exam 2004

14th - Dizer announces email riedundancy, between deathray & prodigy.

Webmaster Test @5pm

  • mickeyd 52%
  • biteme 44%

Exam 2004


Redbrick Table Quiz

Location: Old Bar Time: 8pm Prizes: 1st: 4 Portable T.V's, 2nd: 4 DVD Players, 3rd: 4 WebCams QuizEmperor: Emperor 1st Place: Wibble@rb, plop@rb, sandman@rb, sandman@rb's girlfriend
2nd Place: Postgrad Journos(Who had won both the drama soc & postgrad quizzes)
3rd Place: Singer@rb, bob@rb, una, bootie@rb

15 - Admin Exam @8pm

  • Phaxx 61%
  • Mickeyd 59%
  • Halenger 49%

2004 Exam Answers

20th - Redbrick A.G.M

  • Chair: Drusilla
  • Secretary: Thor
  • Treasurer: Charlene
  • Events: Kyper
  • PRO: Dramaq
  • Webmaster: Biteme
  • Helpdesk: Keloe Art_wolf Atlas
  • Admins: Prolix Phaxx Mickeyd

The A.G.M was held in QG15 at 8pm.


17th - Summer Exams Started

19th - Redbrick got a network upgrade for the server room with the addition of a new 100Mb/s fibre link instead of the 10Mb/s link they had been limited to since moving to the server room. This stopped the lag experienced during peak usage.


30th - Dcu.ie went down due to a serious hardware failure and perhaps because people were constantly hitting the refresh key in the hope that results would be released a day early.


1st - Results were issued, early for once.


4th - In a followup to a post on redbrick.babble about Internet addiction in the Finnish army, bosco asks "Finland has an army?"



6/7th - Clubs & Socs Days For the first time there were two Clubs & Socs Days. For the first year also, students now paid clubs/societies but went to a central point to register all their choices.

11th - First generaton 10 to log in: cult. First generation 10 to use chat: jesjes (through a tunnel using prodigy and mirc some days before getting an account. Let that be a lesson to future title contenders).

14th - Redbrick Freshers Ball

  • Venue: Turks Head
  • Music: Oldspoon Conspiracy + House DJ
  • Pictures: [images/04/oct/rbFreshersBall/art_wolf (Art_wolf's)]

16th - First post to Redbrick boards using sms was posted by Redgiant. For a little [docs/04/oct/16/slrn-post_Redgiant_background.txt background] on how it happened read [docs/04/oct/16/slrn-post_Redgiant_background.txt this] and for the actual [docs/04/oct/16/first_sms_post.txt first post] read [docs/04/oct/16/first_sms_post.txt this]



13th - Christmas Ball Venue: New Bar/Venue @ 7pm Charity event in association with Snowboarding/LGBT and Music Soc. Santa included. Pictures: [images/04/dec/xmasball/igy (Igy's)]