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15th - Alumni meetup in TP Smyths
15th - Alumni meetup in TP Smyths
[[Category:Redbrick History]]
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2nd - carbon:: 15:55:30 up 140 days, 21:14, 82 users


7th - The DCU swimming pool and new gym opened for business.
Students now had to pay membership to use the gym instead of pay per use.

16th - Redbrick E.G.M
Location: QG15
Time: 6:30
Admin Test Results
ryaner 57%
halenger 51%
atlas 50%
Only Halenger ran and he was elected
Helpdesk Test Result
igy 65%
Only Igy ran and he was elected
And finally only aeris ran for secretary so in a shocking turn of events she too was elected. ;)

16th - Alt Rag Ball
Held in the New Bar and Venue.






18th - First Redbrick Football session (7.30pm, Albert College Park). Attendees: amz, art_wolf, david, emperor, huskerdu, kpodesta, magluby, shadow, singer, singer2 ("Peter"), tibor.

21st - The Timeline was moved to RB Wiki.


23rd - Redbrick Wiki moved to MediaWiki (the same software as Wikipedia) and moved to the new address of http://wiki.redbrick.dcu.ie. All articles were imported but history was lost.



11th - Redbrick Fresher's Ball. Eamonn Doran's, photos here: Magluby's pics
17th - Helpdesk exam for EGM
18th - Redbrick EGM
25th - Halloween Ball. Photos here: http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/community/events/pictures/halloween05/



7th - Redbrick Xmas ball, with DCU Drama and DCU MusicSoc. Photos http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~jesjes/XmasRB/ and http://igy.be/photo/list/44.html 15th - Alumni meetup in TP Smyths