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28th - David Murphy (drjolt) tragically died. David was a Redbrick founder, former committee member and a system administrator and he will be missed by all of Redbrick.


3rd - The Redbrick Wiki was defaced by spammers. The wiki was temporarily taken down.

6th - The Redbrick Wiki was restored.

25th - Short meetup in DCU to exchange old photos/posters/junk for potential anniversary collage/book. (singer, venus, kpodesta, drusilla, atlas, markpb, charlene)


(27th - 4th) Week 4 - Techweek. Poster

4th - Wavehunt 2 - Pictures

11th - Collage of old posters & photos made in DCU by drusilla, atlas, markpb, charlene, shadow, kpodesta.

16th - Redbrick 10th birthday party. Bojangles nightclub, Harcourt st.

18th - Singer implements the newsgroups reorganisation (this had been proposed over a year ago, but was left unimplemented after there was no real feedback or suggestions). Surrounding the 10th birthday event there was some discussion on the boards about what could encourage new members on to redbrick, and the question of a newsgroups cleanup was again revisited, and singer acted on it! Boards were deleted & renamed!

29th - Colmmacc announces on the boards that Sun Microsystems are donating a T2000 server to redbrick (http://www.sun.com/servers/coolthreads/t2000), which will arrive in about a month's time.

30th - link logs into wiki as yaac123 and adds this to TimeLine2006 entry to confirm he is fully logged in

31st - wiki brought back online after some more hacking (anonymous editing had been disabled on it, but accounts could be created anonymously, which is how hackers got in).


25th - phaxx orders people to update the scant timeline.