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14th - DCU RAG WEEK - Redbrick raises €283 for charity through phaxx getting hair straightened and receive getting his curled. Phaxx and receive after that afternoon headed off to the RAG week chapel to join together in holy matrimoney!!

atlas's pics

phaxx's pics

if that wasn't enough heres video footage:

video 1

video 2

video 3

16th - A group of 12 brickies attend Skynet's Open Source Conference, Skycon, at the University of Limerick.


12th-16th - Redbrick's Annual Tech Week was held. This year Redbrick joined forces with GameSoc, Debate Soc, FilmSoc, and AstroSoc to bring a week packed full of techie events from talks to debates and film showings!

19th - d_fens nearly took down deathray. Not that this was in any way a noteworthy event.

24th - Redbrick's annual WaveHunt competition takes place. Mythe-86 comes first and tnkrbell comes third for Redbrick



Enigma eats some disks, to general cursing from the admins.

Lil_cain, phaxx, and Art_wolf make known that they were behind the bed in the clubs and socs office, in Campus magazine.


1st - Atlas and phaxx decide to play quite the cruel April Fools joke on all the brickies. MOTD was changed to say that due to someone running torrents from /var/tmp/ that Redbrick has to shut down. Some brickies are just stupid and fell for it!

Admin: In order to comply with a DMCA takedown notice served on DCU,
       Redbrick will be going offline indefinately as and from 00:00 this
       coming Monday. Thank you all for your membership throughout the
       years. We hope to return some time next year.

2nd - Rebrick Table Quiz held in the Old Bar. As usual there where winners, losers and also debates about questions! Check out gallery for pictures, theres plenty of them anyway!

-The winners were a bunch of Wafs from debate. The losers were me, johan, dahtac and revenant -lil_cain

3rd - The DCUSU Genereal Elections take place Plenty of Brickies running for position on the SU exec for 2007/2008. Gizmo runs for president, but fails to be elected.

3 brickies compete for Computing and Engineering Convenor (landa2, cutiepie and mythe-86). Position eventually was won by landa2. Cutiepie comes in second.

The electoral committee was run by plenty of brickies namely receive, belleray, tnkrbell, johan, lil_cain, atlas.

5th - Dramabob elected chair of the SPC (for another year), lil_cain elected secretary, and johan elected ordinary member.

Also on the 5th the Rebrick Admin, Helpdesk and Webmaster tests are held. Lil_cain, werdz, johan and drag0n took the admin test while johan, castle, moju, revenant and lil_cain (again) took the Helpdesk test. D_fens took the Webmaster test.

9th - An attempt is made to rerun history when some randomer (kevd) from Campus (An Tarbh replacement) is invited to join RB, and write an article about it. He's generally lots less cool than cain.

10th - AGM held in QG13 at 6:30pm. All positions filled.

  Chairperson: Andrew Harford (receive)
  Secretary: Kevin Fox (undone)
  Treasurer: Ashley Dooley Martyn (mythe-86)
  Events: Kat Farrell (angelkat)
  Public Relations Officer: Damian Rhatigan (dano)
  System Administrators: Cian Brennan (lil_cain), Andrew Martin (werdz), Diarmuid Bourke (drag0n)
  Webmaster: Richard Dalton (d_fens)
  Education Officers: Matthew Barrington (MoJu), Declan Whelan (castle) & Eoghan Cotter (johan)

Lots of competition with receive, jesjes, and tnkrbell running for chair.

12th - Game Soc miss winning Best Society however they did walk away with Best Website. Gizmo, yrag45 and dramabob also win awards for Best 5 Individuals!

13th - Enigma is pronounced kinda dead by svan. Upon further consideration over the next few days, status is further downgraded to 'brain damaged with no chance of resuscitation'.

18th - The Bics happen in NUIG(Galway) and dramabob wins Best Society Individual!


7th - Access to Redbrick was cut off for two hours due to a UPS in CSD catching fire! "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn, Burn motherfucker burn!"

From the HEAnet ticket:

20070606 23:51  DCU report that the cause of outage was a small fire on
one of their UPS devices.  They are currently waiting for the smoke to
clear, then they will bypass the device and restore power to the PoP. 
This is estimated to happen before 01:00 on Thursday 7th June.


2nd - Redbrick cinema trip to see The Simpsons Movie. Most are unimpressed, and disappointed that the franchise they once loved has stooped to such disappointing levels. Others think it's great.

13th - New, yet-to-be-named (later named Minerva) Encom server arrives. Contains an 'assload' of storage - 8x500GB disks. Also has 6GB RAM and 2 dual-core Xeons. For some reason came with Ubuntu feisty desktop installed by default, and has lots of pretty blue lights.


The new Encom server goes through about a dozen names, before finally settling on minerva.redbrick.dcu.ie, which apparently is "horribly lame".

/webtree is moved to minerva. No one notices, or is told.

Moju resigns as helpdesk.


1st - Redbrick give computing students CDs to install java with classpaths and other difficult stuff set up. This is generally considered a good idea, until lots of them manage to break it.

2nd & 3rd - DCU Clubs and Socs days happen in the Hub. Final number of members not yet known.

Our treasurer (mythe) is told to step down by the SPC, as he is no longer a current student. Another Helpdesk member (castle) resigns.

/home is moved to Minerva. Mutt starts to take forever to open, and everything crashes on occasion.

11th - Redbrick Fresher's Ball held in Radio City. It features music from the band Futurism, with Redbrick member holysprt on bass. Games Soc also provide console gaming. Great night had by all.

18th - EGM held to replace Treasurer and 2 positions on Helpdesk. Treasurer position filled by Amy Corrigan (corriga6). Helpdesk got 2 new additions, namely Padraig O’Connor (landa2) and David Ó Laigheanáin (coconut). There were also three proposed constitutional changes. Only 2 of these however got passed, these being the addition of a First Year Rep to committee and making having to pass the Helpdesk test compulsory. The proposed change to reduce the number of Helpdesk/Education Officers from three to one was defeated.

22nd - Redbrick Monday night football starts up again. Everyone has fun and then heads to the bar afterwards. Several brickies participate in the Students' Union International Quiz on that night. Despite being handed an answer sheet accidentally by the quiz runners, Team Penis still manages to lose after a highly unfair final round that gives teams points for practical skills such as dancing and singing.

Some time in October as well, lil_cain also got rid of his long flowing locks and shaved his head. He also removes all traces of his manly beard, which causes widespread confusion as no-one has ever seen his face before. Shortly afterwards, undone follows suit and also gets a hair cut. Revenant talks about doing the same, but constantly chickens out.

werdz, receive and lil_cain clean out the server room, as the WEEE people are coming.

Further clearing out is done when Prodigy is donated to ITB, to serve as their main machine.

25th - Redbrick cinema trip to see "Black Sheep". Most of the moviegoers are amused, others are horrified. Everyone gets drunk in Fibbers afterwards for mythe-86's birthday.

Some time at the end of this month - lil_cain and receive collect a Sun Machine that gliceas kindly donated. In the absence of other names receive temporarily names it toaster.


5th & 6th - Several RBers graduate namely atlas, phaxx, igy, gizmo, art_wolf, scraib, lithium, dramabob, belleray, yrag45, boing, murdochm, werewulf, belleray, plus all the others we forgot.

Some random point between these dates - Redbrick take delivery of their new backup machine, which lil_cain decides to call severus.

28th - Free ice skating for RB members in RDS.

Also SU Sleepover in the HUB. Redbrick participate by providing the first Redbrick Internet Cafe. Other societies involved in the night were Games Soc, Style Soc, Fianna Fail, Debate Soc, Poker Soc, MPS, Art Soc, Drama and Film Soc.

Some time also in November Redbrick loses another committee member as drag0n steps down from systems admin.


2nd - Rsync runs backups onto severus for the first time.

5th - Cinema Trip to American Gangster.

6th - Christmas Party with Games Soc and Drama in the Slipper. Much Guitar Hero is had by all. Santa, who bears a striking similarity to dramabob, gives out lots of presents.

18th - The /b/tards of /rB/ laid down their lives for /rB/ to defeat the cancer that is killing redbrick. At exactly 9pm on the 18th, #lobby was raided, following that an epic raid on #intersocs and a minor raid on #foobar. Many /b/ruthas were b&, nevar forget them. [[1]]