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2nd - Last ever post on cammy's alternative web boards

16th - A group of 12 brickies attend Skynet's Open Source Conference, Skycon, at the University of Limerick.


24th - Redbricks annual WaveHunt competition takes place. Mythe-86 comes first and tnkrbell comes third for Redbrick



d_fens nearly took down deathray. Not that this was in any way a noteworthy event.

S.U. Elections held. Gizmo runs a wonderful campaign for president, but fails to be elected. 3 brickies compete for Engineering convener, a position eventually won by landa2. The electoral committee, run by recieve, told a lot of people to fuck off.

dramabob elected chair of the SPC, lil_cain elected secretary, and johan elected ordinary member

lil_cain, Werdz, johan, and drag0n took the admin test lil_cain, johan, castle, moju,and Revenant took the help desk test.

Enigma eats some disks, to general cursing from the admins.

lil_cain, phaxx, and Art_wolf make known that they were behind the bed in the clubs and socs office, in campus.


10th - AGM held in QG13 at 6:30pm. All positions filled.

  Chairperson: Andrew Harford(receive)
  Secretary: Kevin Fox (undone)
  Treasurer: Ashley Dooley Martyn (mythe-86)
  Events: Kat Farrell (angelkat)
  Public Relations Officer: Damian Rhatigan (dano)
  System Administrators: Cian Brennan (lil_cain), Andrew Martin (werdz), Diarmuid Bourke (drag0n)
  Webmaster: Richard Dalton (d_fens)
  Education Officers: Matthew Barrington (MoJu), Declan Whelan (castle) & Eoghan Cotter (johan)

Lots of competition with receive, jesjes, and tnkrbell running for chair.

Enigma is pronounced kinda dead by svan. gamesoc just miss best society at the C&S awards. lil_cain gets shouted at by their committee in #lobby.