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2nd - Last ever post on cammy's alternative web boards

16th - A group of 12 brickies attend Skynet's Open Source Conference, Skycon, at the University of Limerick.


19th - d_fens nearly took down deathray. Not that this was in any way a noteworthy event.

24th - Redbricks annual WaveHunt competition takes place. Mythe-86 comes first and tnkrbell comes third for Redbrick



Enigma eats some disks, to general cursing from the admins.

lil_cain, phaxx, and Art_wolf make known that they were behind the bed in the clubs and socs office, in campus.


2nd - Rebrick Table Quiz held in the Old Bar.As usual there where winners, losers and also debates about questions!! Check out gallery for pictures, theres plenty of them anyway!

3rd - The DCUSU Genereal Elections take place Plenty of Brickies running for position on the SU exec for 2007/2008 Gizmo runs for president, but fails to be elected. 3 brickies compete for Engineering convener(landa2,Cutiepie and Mythe-86)Position eventually was won by landa2.Cutiepie comes in second The electoral committee run by plenty of brickies namely receive,tnkrbell,johan,lil_cain,atlas.

5th - dramabob elected chair of the SPC (for another year), lil_cain elected secretary, and johan elected ordinary member Also on the 5th the Annual Rebrick Admin, Helpdesk and Webmaster tests are held.Here's who took the tests- lil_cain, Werdz, johan, and drag0n took the admin test lil_cain, johan, castle, moju,and Revenant took the help desk test. d_fens took the webmaster test

10th - AGM held in QG13 at 6:30pm. All positions filled.

  Chairperson: Andrew Harford(receive)
  Secretary: Kevin Fox (undone)
  Treasurer: Ashley Dooley Martyn (mythe-86)
  Events: Kat Farrell (angelkat)
  Public Relations Officer: Damian Rhatigan (dano)
  System Administrators: Cian Brennan (lil_cain), Andrew Martin (werdz), Diarmuid Bourke (drag0n)
  Webmaster: Richard Dalton (d_fens)
  Education Officers: Matthew Barrington (MoJu), Declan Whelan (castle) & Eoghan Cotter (johan)

Lots of competition with receive, jesjes, and tnkrbell running for chair.

12th - Game Soc miss winning Best Society however they did walk away with Best Website. gizmo,yrag45 and dramabob also win awards for Best 5 Individuals!

Enigma is pronounced kinda dead by svan.

An attempt is made to rerun history when some randomer from campus(an tarbh replacement) is invited to join RB, and write an article about it. he's generally lots less cool than cain.