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Christmas Cake & exams, not much happens here.


  • Thursday 7th - EGM Held to fill vacant admin position. There were no candidates. The committee asked to modify the constitution to reduce the size of Helpdesk from 3 to 2. This was not passed.
  • Saturday 16th - minerva.redbrick.dcu.ie goes live as login.redbrick.dcu.ie
  • Monday 25th - Techweek begins with the Video Editing Tutorial by Allen Dixon. Later that day there is a launch party in the old bar, which was epic win.
  • Tuesday 26th - Install Fest in the seminar room, followed by Filmsoc's showing of DieHard 4pointless.
  • Wednesday 27th - Techweek continues in the seminar room with talks from demonware, Sean Hand, and Colm MacCarthaigh.
  • Wednesday 27th - Murphy takes over from Deathray as www.redbrick.dcu.ie. Horrid hash bangs no longer required in php :)
  • Thursday 28th - Web Design & Photoshop workshops, followed by Q-Zar and beers.


  • 4th - Amy deemed to be resigned for missing lots of committee meetings. She won't be replaced until the AGM.
  • 7th - Deadling for socs awards. Redbrick submits nomination for Most Improved Society. The competition will be: College View, FotoSoc, Flashback, Juggle Soc & St Vincent de Paul. Redbrick also submits a nomination for Tech Week, which will be competing against Ross O'Carrol Kelly, Arts Week, Fame the musical, Debate's DCU Open, European Business Weekend, Jugglesoc's Unicycle to Galway, MPS's Shag pad, and the Andorra Trip.
  • 11th - Follow up workshop to the Linux Install Fest held.


  • 1st - Redbrick annual table quiz is held. Western Digital Passport 160GB external hard drives are given to the winners. gamblitis wins the raffle of an EEE PC.

  • 3rd - AGM


  Robert O'Reilly (robby) was elected with 16 votes. Kat Farrell
  (angelkat) received 14 votes.


  Damien Rathigan (dano) was the only candidate, and was
  elected by a majority show of hands.


  Leah Doyle (bambi) was the only candidate, and was
  elected by a majority show of hands.

Public Relations Officer:

  John Needham (colossus) was elected with 22 votes. Matt Fitzpatrick
  (snoogins) received 9 votes. Failchair received one vote :(

Events Officer:

  Lotta Mikkonen (attol) was the only candidate, and was
  elected by a majority show of hands.


  Sean Hand (revenant), Seaums Ronan (train) and Gavin Tubritt
  (gmblitis) were the only candidates and were elected by a
  majority show of hands.


  Andrew Martin (werdz) was the only candidate, and was
  elected by a majority show of hands.

System Administrators:

  Andrew Harford (receive), Cian Brennan (lil_cain), Eoghan Cotter
  (johan) were the only candidates and were elected by a
  majority show of hands.

  • Redbrick wins Best Website at the Clubs and Socs Awards, which were held in the Helix on Thursday 10th of April. Redbrick Chairperson Andrew Harford wins a First Five award for Best Individual.
  • 17th - Redbrick wins Best Society Website of a Large College at the BICS Awards in Dundalk - Best Website in Ireland!
  • 19th - Admins take down Murphy for a while to rearrange disk partitions, because /var/tmp really doesn't need 105GB. This part goes suspiciously smoothly, with nothing breaking. Admins then begin to move vhosts to murphy (unrelated, but we had planned it today anyway). This part takes 6 hours, and involves pain and cursing at computer screens, and werdz committing his second ever IAF when he accidentally deletes the apache configuration, and realises we had no backups of it. Luckily, the important parts were modularised (thank you, Debian), so restoring the default configuration and rewriting our bits only took about half an hour. The Redbrick main site is then moved to murphy's local disks, and everything is faster afterwards.
  • 25th - Redbrick gets rooted. Elected root holders (three out of four of them on INTRA) cry.
    • Decision taken to take redbrick offline at about 10am. Network is disconnected by taking down the interface connecting us to CSD on enzyme.
    • Root holders in DCU spend the day running between fourth year projects and looking through logs looking for evidence of the intrusion.
    • Reinstall begins later on, with the help of atlas. Minerva is reinstalled first, as it's needed for us to receive mail. First packages are installed again there by 9.50pm that night. The internet connection is switched back on and deathray is configured to receive and store mail by about 1am. Everything else remains unavailable, and the network is left in a rediculously complicated segregated state to stop anyone accessing anything.