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RedBrick's new website is incomplete. If you find any broken stuff, please add it to the list!


  • Change main picture, it's still advertising the 10th birthday
  • Add pictures to the "chat", "boards", "putty" buttons at the top
  • The wiki should be a vhost - instead of
  • Update pubcookie to match look of new website design (Are you sure? A great many pages will send users to the pubcookie login page, from all sorts of different styles. Is there much point in making the pubcookie page match the style of just one of the sites?)
  • Point web boards link to somewhere or remove
  • Roundcube image does not display fully on webmail front page
  • Pubcookie enable webmails
  • Update webmails look to match look of new website design
  • Add tab icon to squirrelmail
  • The Boards button on the homepage should be changed to something that works while that system is being developed
  • that gradiant affect is annoying on the content pages.
  • should be removed, its revealing system and user information
  • doesnt work
  • links on right are for about
  • should be wikied. It'll be updated far more frequently if it is.


When you complete an item, please move it here, and add your name!

  • Move the icons for the pubcookie page back into /images art_wolf
  • Move /chat from the old site to the new one. Claimed by: phaxx
  • Pubcookie enable chat. (mostly done already, related to above item) Claimed by: phaxx