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RedBrick's new website is incomplete. If you find any broken stuff, please add it to the list!


  • Should the help tutorials be moved onto the wiki?
Yes, helpdesk are already intending to do this and other things. Best to leave this item for them, they have Plans with a capital Pee. --Phaxx 15:03, 25 May 2006 (IST)
When I helped set it up I just linked to the main site's CSS and now thats gone with the new RB site so now it's broken. --The Dead One 10:30, 25 May 2006 (IST)
  • Atm, KPMG logo is approx 24k (640width) image, though shrunk in the <img> tag. For efficiency it should/can be reduced to a <2k gif at the size it is to be displayed at (140px).
  • If the browser is resized down, the right panel (and, eventually, the middle) disappear down the page.
  • "Dublin City University Networking Society" is in tiny writing, floating in space & consumed by those large shortcut buttons. The grey text doesn't make it anymore visible either!
  • Change main picture, it's still advertising the 10th birthday
  • Add pictures to the "chat", "boards", "putty" buttons at the top. Antialias the text in the buttons, it looks a bit rough.
  • The wiki should be a vhost - instead of
This partially works, but all the links inside the wiki use the ugly ~wiki style.
We tried to set this up initially but for some complicated reason couldn't. Not sure if this is a wish for the new redbrick site or the wiki. Is the wiki to be integrated more into the main redbrick site? --The Dead One 10:30, 25 May 2006 (IST)
  • Update pubcookie to match look of new website design
Are you sure? A great many pages will send users to the pubcookie login page, from all sorts of different styles. Is there much point in making the pubcookie page match the style of just one of the sites?
Yes,assuming the long term plan is for all official redbrick web services to use pub cookie and to look somewhat similar


When you complete an item, please move it here, and add your name!

  • Move the icons for the pubcookie page back into /images art_wolf
  • Move /chat from the old site to the new one. Claimed by: phaxx
  • Pubcookie enable chat. (mostly done already, related to above item) Claimed by: phaxx