Why Did You Choose Your Username

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Feel free to add an an entry about your username below!


Because that's my real name. I thought Redbrick was some email yoke - all else fails, I was getting a decent email address.


8 letter truncation of my real name (boring but true.)


Sarunas Vancevicius. First letter of name, then first 3 letters from surname.


Cause I'm an xphile and Mulder's first name is Fox. :)


Cause as a fresher I though it was the character's name from The Hobbit


Cool picture I have hanging up. Have had it for ages and its by Art Wolfe.


I was a singer in a band. The guitarist mocked me for being the singer by calling me "singer". The nickname stuck. Non-Redbrick people address me as singer! My 2nd choice username was "scano".


It was a character in a book (Illusions by Richard Bach) I read during my formative years. Another rb user thought the description of the protagonist was suited to me so I nabbed the name.


I didn't. It was assigned on the basis that a) I was asleep and b) I read comics, didn't I? Ironically, I hadn't read much Sandman at the time.


Coz I like the sound of it. And coz it goes crazy when you put it in water. And not because of the Nirvana song.


I was using it as a web handle long before I joined Redbrick. It comes from the name of one of my first roleplaying characters that wasn't just a bunch of stats. The name for that roleplaying character though, came from the computer game Streetfighter 2.

Well actually cammy was my second choice. I would have liked to use The_Dead_One but that exceeds the 8 character limit.


The most evil and therefore cool character in a series of books that I was reading. Said series of books has since degenerated into a mush of crap writing. Boo.


He wanted the username 'mcbain' but Karlos (mcbain) got it before him. Being original, Sarv decided that macbain would do instead, so he could forever confuse new users between himself and Karl.


The name is that of a character from the book "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman. The specific character is Inigo Montoya, a Spanish swordsman out for revenge against a 6-fingered man who killed Inigo's father.


My nick was given to me years before redbrick on irc (irc.phishy.net) I was the first person some americans had met called Dara and they found that interesting for some reason or other and hence I became thedara. On redbrick irc i'm known as Darz0re, It was a in-joke at the time when myself and dizer stuck z0re at the end of out names hence thez0rekorp.com and z0re.org


My username came from my first ever email address(elmer@clubi.ie) which i chose based on the looney tunes character elmer fudd


My nick was surprisingly enough, from the character on Buffy! Friends of mine in second year of school gave it to me when they noticed the similarities between myself and the insane vampire. Funnily, dru was my second nick on RedBrick, before that I was zerocool


It is my username for the lab machines in the CA building, it's not to do with an obcession with cookers!


My nick came from a combination of thinking gizmo was a pretty cool name due to that little flurry critter in Gremlins and also cns putting me on the spot on Clubs And Socs day when I first joined so that I couldn't think of anything else. Strange, but true.


As many, many people have pointed out, my name seems like a random string of letters, and it kinda is... When I was signing up for a Yahoo mail account in '98 everything I tried was already taken. I was not having under-scores or numbers so I decided to come up with something that would always be available! I thus far have succeeded.